Instructions about cutting a copper downspout

A house looks very good if it has copper downspouts installed, but this looks can be ruined if you don’t cut the downspout carefully. Copper is usually a soft metal, but copper downspouts are very strong and durable. Still, there is a chance that they will break or get damaged.

You can spend a lot of time and money that you would spend on further repairs if you follow the correct steps in cutting a copper downspout.

Settle on how much copper downspout you will need. Do the measurements directly on the copper and make draws with a pencil that will help you cut around them.

Place the downspout inside a miter box and face the line you drew in place so that you can make a 90 degree cut. Place the two opposite parts outside the line on wood. Take the hacksaw and place it on the line to start cutting. Make sure you don’t cut outside the line. Finish the cutting moving slowly and be careful at the last strokes.

At the end you need to remove any burrs or sharpness using a file that you will apply on the cut edges. After that the downspout is ready to install.

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