Instructions about taking off the guttering system installed on your house

First before starting the removing process look at the way the downspout and the gutters are put together, or maybe think at the way you installed them, if this is the case. This way you prepare yourself with the necessary tools for removing the screws, meaning a screwdriver or a power drill, or if you have to drill out rivets.

Start by removing the downspout.

To easily get this done you must remove the elbow that attaches to the drop outlet on the gutter. There is a simple motive why you need to remove the downspout first, and that is because the gutter is a lot easier removed with the downspout out of the way. You may even face some problems with the fascia because the downspout may pull the gutter down. The next step is to take off the spout from the siding by removing the attachment straps holding it.

Now locate the devices that hold the gutter in place, possibly the gutter hangers and remove them. When you finish removing all of them you can finally remove the gutter completely.

Because you removed the gutter and downspouts, there may be holes in the sidings and you may need to use caulk to seal them. Finish the work by cleaning the area and making it smooth and nice painted. You can fix the damages in the fascia with wood putty if you face problems.

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