Instructions for attaching downspouts

A good alternative for a job done by a professional is a do-it-yourself job, in case of attaching downspouts to siding. An advantage for a novice house owner can be represented by knowing how to attach downspouts to different siding materials. This project can be done in a weekend using the correct tools and materials and is a good option for your pocket too.

Before starting to do the job properly you need to look carefully at the walls of your house and establish the method that you want to use. The recommended one is the simplest and quickest. If you locate the studs behind the siding, you can simply drill holes into them and attach the downspout with screws and gutter clamps. If the siding is made of stucco it will be necessary to use various anchors which will accept screws and expand securing the downspout.

Into the first step you will need to drill a hole into the side which must be wide enough to accept the anchor used to attach the gutter clamp for the downspout. Using a marker, you will mark the place of the hole for the clamp and then fixing it, you will secure the downspout. Then you will have to remove the clamp and drill the holes using the marker points. Being able to access the studs, you will use a 6,2 inch screw to secure the clamp to the stud. Insert the anchor into the hole and using a screw, secure the clamp if you can’t access the studs.

You will need to attach a masonry bit to your drill and make a hole into the stucco if you want to attach the downspout to stucco siding. You will need to use anchors if you can’t find the studs. You will need to drill a hole for the anchor and then tap it into the stucco and attach the downspout clamp and screw a 6,2 inch screw into the anchor. For a good protection of your walls use a silicone compound that will be applied around and in the holes drilled. In this way you will protect the walls from garden pests and bad weather.

As alternatives for the method presented, several ideas including downspout chains, rain cups and other accessories can be used for the protection of the downspouts. These methods can be costly and they can offer several advantages and some disadvantages in the same time too.

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