Instructions for converting metal gutters to vinyl gutters

House owners usually think about changing their standard gutters with vinyl gutters when the old ones start to rust or get slumped. This project can be a do it yourself  job and is less expensive to install and cut it that a standard metal system. Although, vinyl gutters can become fragile in time, can break in extreme cold and they can’t support the weight of a ladder as metal gutters do.

First, you will have to measure the old pieces for making your project easier. Knowing already the accessories needed such as elbows, downspouts and end caps, you can purchase all the pieces quickly and start the project.

After you bought all new pieces you have to mark the old system by making a line on the top of your gutters. This line will save your time because you will have already the drop of approximately ¼ inch to every ten feet of gutter.

Then you will have to remove your old system and save the pieces which can be recycled like screws and brackets. You will have to lean the ladder on against the roof and not the gutter if you want to reach the brackets easily. You can use a screwdriver or a drill to make your job easier.

Into the next step you will have to put up the vinyl brackets using the line you’ve marked. The first bracket must be placed to about 6” to the opposite end of the piece from the downspout. Then, using the line you’ve marked, install all the brackets. You must need a screwdriver or an electric screwdriver to secure the brackets. Vinyl gutters are usually made in a length of 10 feet so, you can handle with a piece without needing help. Connect all vinyl gutters and use a connector bracket made of silicone if you want to prevent leaks at the joints and then you can check if your system is working properly.

The last step is represented by digging a small trench into the ground for the pipe. Cover the pipe once you have everything sealed together and remember that is very important that you have to increase the angle of the downspout with 5 additional degrees for every 10 feet of piping used. In this way you will ensure that the water runs out the downspout completely.

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