Instructions for creating a rain chain

A very good solution if you want to improve your exterior homes design or to collect the water into a barrel for using it to wet the garden is to make your own rain chain. You can choose from many options for your chain, but it is easier to follow the steps below.

First, you will have to wrap the copper tubing very tight around the PVC pipe.

You will need 3 feet of copper tubing for every foot of rain chain that you have. You will have to create rings by sliding the coil off from the PVC pipe and cutting them. You can use diagonal scissors and pinch the PVC pipe to the seam and break it off. You will need to use pliers if you want to make adjustments to the rings for bending or cutting.

Now, you will have to link the pieces together and make sure that you wear gloves because the copper is getting hot. Use soldering flux after you joined them together and let the cool before handling them.

Into the final step, you will have to remove the old downspout and replace it with the new piece. You may need a partner into the process to fix the piece. Take your time, if it’s the first time when you do this kind of job if you want the chain to be installed well and have no damages. Also, be careful to avoid injuries by using gloves and it’s recommended to ask for a professional advice or someone’s who already made this kind of job if you want the project finished well.

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