Instructions for extending an aluminum downspout

A very good solution for a house owner who faces issues with water in the lawn or leaks into the house foundation is the extension of the downspouts. In fact, water is almost the single danger for your house foundation and even a small leak can affect the walls and the foundation in time by causing mold and mildew and attracting insects.

Depending on the soil type and the slope of your lawn, most engineers and building experts consider that water must be diverted to a minimum distance of 10 feet from the house.

A good solution for this issue can be to add an extension to the downspouts. You must measure the distance of the length between your downspout and the place where you want to divert the water and then cut a piece of aluminum downspout to that size. Then, using a silicone, add the elbow between the downspout and the new piece and let it dry completely. You can use as an additional securing element the screws which you can screw them into the downspout for a better protection to damages. Then you can connect the extension in the same way.

You have a couple of choices if you want to extend your downspout in an area where is a walkway or traffic problems. You will need to use a flexible extension which will work well when the water will come down on the downspout and its force will cause it to unroll the new piece. After the rain stops, the piece will come back up and you will not have problems with walking into that area. One more good option for your extension is to dig it into the ground once it reaches the level of the ground. You will need to dig a trench in a downward sloping 90 degree angle and then lay the pipe extension to the area where you want water to be diverted. Also, this can be an issue in time as the pipes will be covered by soil and grass and any fixing will cost money and time spent.

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