Instructions for installing galvanized gutters

A very convenient and low cost type of gutter system to install is galvanized gutter system. Gutter systems are created do collect and divert water away from your roof, walls and house foundation. You will use only a mounted bracket system when you will install galvanized gutters.

Being made from coated zinc, galvanized gutters can suffer from erosion and rust. So, in this article you will find some easy steps if you want to install a galvanized guttering system.

First, you will measure the lengths of your eaves and thinking about the fact that gutters come in lengths of 10 feet, you will find out how many pieces you will need. You will also need to count the number of brackets you will use and the number of downspouts which will be attached to the gutters.

Now, you will have to purchase the materials need into the process installations. So, you will need to buy the pieces of gutter, the downspouts, brackets, nails and screws. Make sure that you purchase the correct amount of materials needed and buy some more in case you will need it. You can simplify your job by ordering a gutter system kit which includes brackets, hangars, end caps, screws and nails. You will probably have remained materials in the both cases but they offer you a good start.

After you purchased the materials, you will need to make marks on the eaves of the house in the place where you will install the gutters. Make sure that you don’t forget about the slope which must be approximately 1 inch to every 16 feet directed toward the downspout. The brackets should be nailed or screwed into the eaves according to the mark created before and you can use the manufacturer’s instructions for a professional installation.

Now, you will have to join the gutter pieces together and add elbows. You will need to cut the lengths precisely and create the downspouts holes. Measure the downspout hole and mark it on the gutter piece if you want to cut an exact hole using the hacksaw. You will attach the gutter easily by clipping it into the mounting brackets and nail them to the side of the house. Then you will join the downspout pieces together and attach the downspout to the brackets by aligning its opening with the hole you cut into the gutter. after you attach the elbow at the bottom end of the downspout you can check if the system if working properly.

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