Instructions for installing gutter hangers

A very good solution for preventing water damages is to replace the old gutters if you know how to install gutters yourself. So, in this article you will find some advice if you want to do this job.

First, you will start by making the correct measurements and join the pieces of gutter together after you cut them precisely.

Make sure that you measured well and think about the extra length of shingles if you want water to be diverted properly. Gutters are made usually with end caps on both sides and drilled rivet holes, so you will have to put the end caps on and drill them into the pre-made holes. You will need to put the rivet on and go to the next hole until you done this job.

The most important part of this job is represented by the alignment of the gutters. Using a framing square against the wall, you will see if you are on the center line. Then you will need to create the hole for the tube. Make sure that you cut the hole precisely if you want to insert the tube from the first attempt. You will also need to be careful not to make the hole too large.

Then, you will in the rivets on the bottom side of the gutter if you want it not to be visible. Then you will have to apply sealant to join the pieces together and remember that the sealant is drying very quickly.

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