Instructions for installing rain gutters

Rain gutters represent a very important accessory which should be installed on every house. They are collecting and channeling water away from your house protecting the walls and foundation. If you want your home to be safe, make sure that the process of installation is very good and you can assure that by having one or two assistants to help you.

First, you will have to make a plan about the new guttering system. You will have to measure the lengths of pieces and to mark the places of the downspouts. You will also need to consider your old system as a start point if you simply want to replace it with a new one without adding something more. Count all pieces you will need and then precede them from the local store.

Into the proper process of installation, first, you will have to calculate the slope. Make sure that it is ½ inch for every ten feet of gutter if you want to avoid any problems and mark it using a permanent marker. Then you will attach the gutters but remember that the brackets should be placed 6 inches away from the end of the gutter and 20 to 22 inches away on from another.

A very important fact into the process is represented by the material chosen. You will need to keep in mind advantages and disadvantages of steel, aluminum, copper or vinyl gutters. Also, you will have to choose from modern or classic type. Depending on your budget and needs make the best choice for you!

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