Instructions for installing seamless rain gutters

A very common solution for those who want to improve the exterior design of their house is to choose seamless rain gutters. They have the same role as normal gutters but the difference is that the joints are just a few and they can’t be seen. The installation of a seamless gutter system is similar to the normal one and you will need and assistant if you want to perform this job more efficiently.

First, you will have to measure the old system or the eaves of the house and find out how many pieces of gutter will you need. Remember that gutter pieces are made in lengths of 10 feet long and think about the slope which must be ½ inch for every 10 feet of gutter.

Then you will have to take care of the fascia if you are replacing an old system with a new one. Inspect the fascia and see if you need to change damaged parts or to change it completely. The distance between brackets of the fascia should be 6 inches away from the end of it and then from 18 to 24 inches. You will have to mark the place first and then to create holes of about ½ inch deep into the wall and then simply attach the brackets.

Now, you can install your gutters, but before doing that you will need to order the color which fits the best with your house. White gutters help you to see the damages easier but other colors will certainly fit better with the exterior design of your home. So, after you ordered them you will need the help of an assistant to cut the pieces to the precise lengths and then to carry them for the process of installation. You will attach the gutters and fix them into the brackets. Make sure that you add end caps at each end which does not require a downspout. Then you can test if your system is working properly.

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