Instructions for installing steel gutters Part 2

After you made the measurements, marked the places and installed the brackets, you are ready to cut the gutter pieces and start installing them.

So, you will cut the pieces that are usually made in lengths of 10 feet according to your measurement made before. You will use a hacksaw or a cutting machine if you want your job to be easier.

Be careful if your gutter will run around a corner to cut the corner end of the gutter piece at a 45 degree angle.

If a gutter section is longer than the length of one piece, you will have to connect two pieces together. Make sure that you join the sections by at least 4 inches and after you apply sealant, attach the two pieces together using screws. Be careful to place the screws on the sides of the gutter, not on the bottom if you want to avoid any problems.

Now, you need to create the holes where you will install the downspouts. You will mark the places first, then using metal scissors you will cut along the mark you’ve made earlier.

After that, you can install your first gutter piece. Gutters brackets made by different manufacturers have different versions of installation but for the most bracket types, you will have to simply mount the gutter piece on the brackets installed earlier. You can perform this job better if an assistant will hold the pieces until you attach the piece to the brackets. You will need to rotate the gutter piece to hook into the brackets. Depending to what kind of brackets you use, you will have to rotate upward the gutter to attach it to the brackets, or you will need to slip the brackets over the back side of the gutter. You can perform this job easier by reading the manufacturer’s instructions about the brackets. You will need to secure the piece by screwing a 1 inch steel screw into the bracket.

Next, you will attach the other pieces of gutter and the downspouts to complete your project.

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