Instructions for making your own gutter guard

An excellent way to prevent clogging or blockages is to use gutter guards. Periodical cleanings can be avoided installing gutter guards and this can be an easy job that doesn’t require a professional. Follow the steps below if you want to make your own gutter guards.

You will need wire mesh which is sold in 100 foot aluminum rolls that are 8 inches wide. They can be cut into 4 inch wide rolls using the hacksaw. Mesh is also available in 4 to 8 foot sheets and they can be painted to fit the exterior of your house.

You will have to measure the gutters and find out what quantity of mesh you need. Every 100 foot roll will cover a double length after it is cut in two pieces. If you choose sheets, remember that one sheet will cover approximately 100 linear feet.

So, you will start to cut the rolls using a hacksaw and paint them to prevent oxidation. This process will be skipped if the mesh is made by aluminum or galvanized. Then you will have to cut the rolls into shorter lengths if you want to handle them easier or you can simply ask the help of an assistant to handle them. To secure the mesh to the roof, you will need to use the electric drill. You will need to place screws and nail to every 18 inches if you want it to be secured. For added strength, you will need to drill a screw to attach the mesh to the stiffener and join the mesh pieces together by 1 or 2 inches to make sure that debris and leaves don’t enter the gutter.

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