Instructions for re-aligning rain gutters

To avoid any problems that could appear in time for your gutters, you can check them periodical. You will find out that due to weather conditions, your system suffered changes about the alignment and slope. Detecting and fixing these problems can make you to avoid costly repairs or even replacement.

Read the article below if you want to realign your system and follow the steps to complete the job.

First, you will have to inspect the gutters and find out what problems they have. You can find blockages, build-ups or leaks and it is very important to fix these problems to avoid costly repairs in time. Also check the gutter for bends and kick out flash.

You will need to check the water flow and the slope, so you will need to pour water into the gutter and notice if it’s going the right way and speed. If your system is interrupted and the water is not flowing normally, you will have to find out the cause. The most common cause is debris which blocks the way of water and creates buildups. You need to consider to install a mesh guard if the problem is debris or you will need to realign the gutter slope if you find out that the problem is the pitch.

To realign the gutters, you will need to check the brackets. You can simply bend the gutters back to their original form but the problems can be created by the brackets, so you will have to fix them better or replace them.

Another solution is represented by the total replacement of one piece or the entire system. If you want to change a piece you will need to remove the nails or screws which used to fix it.

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