Instructions for soldering copper gutters

A very good choice for you exterior design of your home is represented by copper gutters. Copper is a very strong material and it is preferred by many house owners due to its aspect and the need of a minimal maintenance. Copper lasts for many years and you will need to check it just a few times, so it can be a great alternative to standard metal gutters.

To avoid any clogging or debris blockage, you can simply solder the copper pieces together and create a permanent seal.

This type of gutters is half channels found below the roof line and they are attached to the fascia board using brackets. You will need to practice on some strap pieces before you decide to solder the copper pieces together if you want the job to be done from the first attempt. Remember that, soldering copper pieces together is not an easy job especially if you are a beginner. You will need time to make it right and the tools can be expensive. However, completing this task can be satisfying for you.

First, you will need to purchase the right tools for this project. You will start with a soldering iron. You will also need gloves and a ladder.

You will start by cleaning the surfaces that would be soldered. You will need to be careful when you will solder copper gutter in high roof lines and you must observe complete caution. Remember that you are working with dangerous materials and it’s recommended to use a special equipment such as goggles, protective clothing, an work apron and gloves. The job will be done fast as copper soaks heat easily.

It is recommended to use an assistant to avoid falling as your ladder can move. The assistant can pass you equipment and tools and can help you to fix the gutter.

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