Learn about gutter wedges

To complete the installation of a gutter you will need a lot of gutter parts. These parts are the gutter, downspout and end caps. Additionally you will need to ensure that the gutter hangs properly, and to do so you can use gutter wedges.

The gutter wedge is a device made of metal in the shape of a triangle. The installation process involves having one angle of the gutter edge at a 90 degree angle and the other is angled depending on the length of the upper side of the wedge. If you know what the angles of your eaves are you can establish the appropriate angle for the wedge.

The gutter wedge must be on the right angle so that the gutter is hung square. It would be easier to determine the angle if you would have the necessary geometry knowledge. In order to determine that angle you will have to use the protractor and a weighted string. Connect the string to the top of the eave and then leave it to hang down. Place the protractor over the string. The angle that the wedge has on the top is the angle where the string crosses the protractor. The sum of the 3 angles equals 180.

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