Learn to cut a downspout made of aluminum

In order to be successful when you need to replace a piece of downspout, read this article that will teach you how to cut an aluminum downspout.

Begin with measuring the downspout all the way up. You can also use the measuring of the existing downspout.

There may be the case when your downspout empties into a tiled drainage area when you will need to take off the downspout that is then installed and measure the two together. This way you will get the exact measurements.

Next after you finish with the measurements you need to place the downspout onto a flat surface that will allow you to cut through it better. A good option would be a work bench and clamps. To cut the aluminum you can use a metal cutting blade with the jigsaw. Don’t rush into cutting and maintain the cutting line straight. Because aluminum is soft and very pliable, the cutting should be very easy and smooth.

Now that you’ve finished cutting the old downspout is ready to be replaced.

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