Learn to install a Venetian window blind

If you ever want to control the amount of light that enters the room you should install a Venetian window blind. This is a very good way to preserve warmth in the house in times of cold weather. Also they are very useful in times of hot summers when you will be able to keep the room colder by not letting the sun warm the room.

The blinds can be installed in 2 different positions. You can either install them on the outside by hanging them to the window frame or you could install them inside the window casting. The use of extended rods is eliminated if you decide to install the blinds inside.

Safely measure all sides of the window depending on what side of the window you install the blinds. If it is in the inside then you need to measure the distance inside the frame but if you decide to install them on the outside you should measure the distance you wish them to be from the window.

Take off the mounting brackets and screw from the blind kit. Mount the brackets on the window frame using an electric screwdriver. The brackets must by at an even distance one from another so make sure you make the needs measurements first. Mount the brackets and blinds together and make sure the blinds won’t slide out by adding the provided caps.

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