Learn to use household items to cut a vinyl gutter

Metal is starting to become the second choice when it comes to gutters. Vinyl is known for its lightness, durability and easiness to handle. You can easily clean a vinyl gutter with some soap and water and it also doesn’t rust.

One of the bigger advantages I still, the fact that you can cut through it very easy.

Place the gutter faced up to the position you will put it. Mark a sign on the position you want to cut the gutter. This is the faster way but you can also use measure tape.

Now, draw a straight line using the straightedge exactly lined up with the mark you’ve made. It is not necessary to make a perfectly straight cut, but it is in your advantage to be careful when cutting.

You can even cut through the vinyl using a sharp pair of scissors. Choose one end and start cutting until you reach the other end. Don’t rush into cutting, make small cuts and be careful to stay on the line.

Another tool you could use to cut the vinyl is a knife. For this you will need to place the gutter on a flat area. Score the gutter starting with the edge that is lying flat. Finish all three sides with the cutting and in the end pull the gutter back and forth until it breaks.

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