Professional advice for gutter guards which prevent fires

Properly installed and designed gutter covers or guards can keep fire away from your house. Your house can be destroyed by ashes which can be blown by a fire into your gutters and this fact is a serious problem in some areas. It is good to know that not all gutter covers or guards can prevent fire.

Material is a very important fact if you want to avoid fire and it is recommended to avoid vinyl because it can easily melt or burn. Aluminum or steel are the best choices for you, but remember that not the material is the most important thing if you want to keep fire away from your house. The design is the most important thing to consider when you are installing gutter covers or guards. Almost all classic designs permits debris to accumulate in top of covers which can dry and start a fire in just a few seconds. If you want to install a cover or a guard it is recommended to choose a design with a flat smooth top without any ridges.

There are some gutter guards that you can install if you want to keep debris and also fire away from your house: single longitudinal fin, single longitudinal fin with a trough, vertically louvered systems with one or more rows of louvers. You will have to choose wisely as the first two options have a disadvantage letting the debris into the gutter and maybe creating clogging. Probably, the best choice is the third option which can be made in two designs. You can choose from a single row or a double row system but it is recommended to choose the second one. On the other hand, in heavy debris conditions the openings which allow the water to enter the gutter can clog and you will need to ask a professional for cleaning and pressuring hose the openings. In spite of that fact, you can easily clean it yourself, using a telescopic pole which reaches the third floor of your house.

The double row system represents the best option as it is easy to maintain using the right tools, prevent clogging and keep fire away from your house.

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