Right sizes and materials for your downspout

In this article you will find some advantages and disadvantages of the options available for your downspouts. You will need to think about all options when you’ll choose the size of your downspout.

Being inexpensive and strong material for your downspouts, aluminum can be a good choice for you.

A negative that you will need to think about aluminum is that it will prone in time to denting and other type of damages.

The expensive alternative to aluminum is copper which is a material very hard to work with but in the same time, copper is a stronger material and one to last longer than the aluminum. Also, the copper has advantage thinking about design. A great material for your downspouts also, is represented by galvanized steel which is quite strong and it does now expand or contract very much being a great choice for houses placed in zone with cold climate. On the other hand galvanized steel can rust easily and painting job can be costly if it’s done too often.

Another good option for your downspouts is represented by plastic which has a lot of advantages such as durability, a very large variety of colors which can fit perfectly with your home’s design, easy maintenance and easiness if installation. Also, they aren’t vulnerable to snapping or breaking due to their flexible nature. Plastic has disadvantages too such as possibility to bend instead of breaking, fact that can be a good thing in a moment, but in time this can cause a twist out of their original shape and later loose of functionality.

The sizes of the downspouts will vary depending the place where house is placed and on the maximum amount of water rain your gutters will have to carry once, and also your roof’s watershed area which if it’s large the need of a large size for your downspout too will increase

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