Should I install gutter guards or no?

Gutter guards represent a problem for almost every house owner who tried to perform a do-it-yourself job. Nowadays, there are over 50 styles to choose from but some people say that gutter guards are not effective. Well, the truth is that it is waste of money if you try to create your own and you’re not a professional.

The most efficiently types are GutterGlove, LeafSolution, Guttershingle, GutterGuardian, Leafree and other more. The most important thing for gutter guard is to be installed well. If you want them to be effective, you will need to slide them under the shingles and securely attach them to the gutter using screws.

On the other hand, people have different needs, so some types will fit well for someone and bad for another. It is certainly that gutter guards are necessary for every house even if they can be expensive.

Another fact that you have to consider when you want to install gutter guards is that you will not need to clean the whole gutter. You will have to clean only the gutter guard. Some people have issues with cleanings as they clean the gutters, and then after just few days, the gutter is clogging and stays that way for months. You will need to ask advice from a professional first if you want to reduce the maintenance considerably.

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