Vinyl rain gutters - advantages and disadvantages

Your home’s protection against rain or water damage depends on your rain gutter system. This is what prevents water from damaging your foundation, or simply prevents water from falling on your head.

The materials these systems are made of are various.

It can be copper, steel, aluminum and vinyl. Below are presented some advantages and disadvantages.


The vinyl gutter system is basically the easiest system to install. This is because of their little weight and because they come in pre-cut sections.

Compared to steel vinyl is not a material that needs maintenance nor does it rust. The only maintenance needed is when debris and leaves clog the system, and you need to clean it.

They have a very low price.


In some areas of the countries you can’t use vinyl rain gutters, areas where the hot sun and temperatures will destroy the vinyl material, causing it to break eventually.

Because of heavy rain and water flows, the material can bend and bow, this means they are very prone to warping. And besides this, you need to clean them regularly to avoid them to break because of the debris weight.

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