What causes a vinyl gutter to sag?

When you notice some slag in one corner of your vinyl gutter it is time to be concerned about the damage that you gutter has suffered. Even though they don’t cost much and they do their job, after a while the vinyl gutters get damaged eventually causing the gutter to sag.

The first reason to consider is bolt loss.

A possible cause to sagging is that the bracket support that holds the gutter has disconnected from the gutter. This can happen when heavy rain pours and the weight is too much for the vinyl.  You can repair this by replacing the brackets.

The second one is warping. This serious problems occurs when the vinyl brakes or gets damaged because of the extremely cold weather. Because of the warping, the gutter will appear to be sagging, meaning you have to replace it immediately.

The last reason that causes a vinyl gutter to sag is melting. This can occur when the temperature outside is very hot, making the vinyl to melt. The solution is to replace the gutter with a new one because the sun damages the vinyl very hard.

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