Which half round gutter is better: Copper or Aluminum?

Half round gutters are 60 years old and are the traditional choice of many people. These days this is the choice of the more expensive, fashionable houses. The half round gutter come in two options: copper or aluminum.

You will learn in this article about both of these options to know what decision t make.

The most efficient gutter shape is still the one of the half round gutter because it offers a great resistance to snow and ice. Houses that have this gutter type installed are considered traditional and modern as well. They do have one big disadvantage from other gutter types, and that is the bigger initial cost with the installation. So usually the half round gutter system is a choice for custom houses..

Copper or Aluminum?

If you go for copper you will have a premium high quality material whereas aluminum is known to expand with 50% more. Still the durability of copper is a lot over the aluminum that can easily get damaged. The copper has the advantage of its great looks that it has, you don’t need to paint the copper gutter. It is also less probable to rust than it is for aluminum. The only advantage aluminum has over copper is it’s wider availability and also the smaller price.

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