Why not to buy foam gutter guards

At one moment you will be in the search of a gutter guard to protect your roof. The problem you will face then is making the decision regarding the type of gutter guard to buy. Because there are a lot of models available on the market.

One often elected model is foam type gutter guards, because of its easy installation. But actually, this type should be avoided for many reasons.

Another reason people choose foam gutter guards is that they are cheap. And it is so simple to install it; you just need to put the foam into place. No drilling is necessary.

Because of the small pores, even the smallest particles are prevented from getting into the gutter, but this causes a small flow of water. Another disadvantage is that you will clean the particles that settle in very hard because the surface of the covers is not smooth. With time a lot of particles will clog the drain and the water will flow very hard. Because the pores are very small, you can solve the problem by cleaning them, you need to replace the entire product. And if you do choose to clean it, you won’t do anything than spending the same time as when cleaning a clogged gutter, so no advantage here.

The material from which they are made of is not at all durable. This way you will need to replace the guard regularly accumulating costs over time. And as an ending, because foam absorbs moisture, it will turn out to be a perfect setting for bacteria and mould. The conclusion is, don’t buy foam gutter guards.

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