Why should you bury the gutter downspout?

You may want to bury the downspout when it drains the water too close to the foundation, or when you want to channel the water in another way. Its better to store the water safely rather than letting it destroy the foundation easily. There are three main reasons why you should bury a downspout.

  1. First, to redirect the water away from the foundation. When water comes through the downspout it pools up and get to your home’s foundation. By burying the downspout, you redirect the water flow away from your house and into a controlled location.
  2. Second, you need to direct the water to the storm drain. You can do this if you decide to bury the downspout and redirect the water in the desired direction, instead of letting it accumulate in front of your home.
  3. And the third and last reason why you should bury the downspout is to use the water that you collect to irrigate your garden, you can do this by connecting a hose to the downspout and burying it also, giving water to the plants at the root level.
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