A comparison between electric and central heating systems

Central heating is the method used by both homes and office buildings. It usually found in areas with low temperatures being common. The heat source is a boiler or a furnace that transfers heat all over the building.

For fuel the central system can use oil, natural gas etc. The placement of the radiators has to be proper in a way that the heat is dispersed evenly throughout the house.

Still, central heating is an old fashioned heating method, compared to the electric one which is becoming more and more popular. With central heating everything is controlled by the system, whereas with electric heating you can control almost everything, like temperature setting and other things. The electric system is running a lot cleaner than its predecessor which needs fuel to work, whereas the former one needs only electricity to produce heat. You will be a lot comfortable using an electric system and it would also be a lot easier than to complicate yourself with a central system. Also another comparison between the 2 different systems is the greater efficiency that the electric system offers.

The central heating system has so many disadvantages like the expensive maintenance, hard installation process, and besides all this it also affects the environment. With the electric system you don’t have to worry for any of this, besides paying the electricity bills.

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