Advantages and disadvantages for the most important heating systems

Since the beginning, the heating methods represented a problem for people. Starting from burned wood, methods evaluated and nowadays, we have a lot of systems to choose from. First, you will have to know that every house has its unique system and you should take care of some aspects when you need to change your system.

So, you will have to think about hardware cost and the cost of installation. Also, the fuel cost will need to be in your attention as well as maintenance and durability. Other important fact to keep your eye on is the distribution of heat around your house and the quality of the air.

Regarding types of systems which you can choose from, it is well known that three heating models are in the lead on the marketplace. I refer to electric baseboard models, forced air models and radiators.

Electric boards represent an inexpensive option if we think about the hardware part but into the same time an expensive option if we think about the process of installation. This model uses water to warm the air and this is a great disadvantage if we consider the hydro bills. A good point for this system can be the fact that the temperature can be set in every room as you want. Also, you don’t have to take care about of any ducts and air is not forced into the room to move allergens and dust. They will need rare maintenance but, on the other hand, a ductless system will cost you 30% more to install than a normal system. A great disadvantage of this model is that the air is dried and you and your family can suffer from headaches. So, you will need to buy a humidifier as an accessory to optimize the air moisture of your room.

The most common use system is forced air system which utilizes heat generated from a single location. Then the air is distributed through the home using some ducts. If you choose a high efficiency furnace, you will need to pay more, but the effort will worth. These units will take the air outside the house and use it and they don’t need chimneys. If you assure a good maintenance to your furnace, it can have a lifespan up to 20 years. They can use gas, oil or electricity and the price will depend about this fact. You will have to do a cost breakdown to find the best option for you and remember that you will need a storage tank if you choose to use oil as a fuel. This will add something to your costs too. A great advantage is that this system is easy to install if you have the ducts for cooling the air already installed. Also, this can be a negative point if we thing that this ducts can be filled with dust or pets dander which will be carried in every room of your house. This means that you will need to clean your furnace regularly if you want to avoid problems with allergies. You can simply add a humidifier to the furnace to add more moisture to the house in winter time.

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