Basic information about geothermal heating systems costs

It is well known that into the cold season every house owner asks himself how to reduce the heating costs. The usage of a heating system is very important but you should know that a good insulation is needed. Even if you have all parts done right, you will discover that you need more warmth and you will probably need to increase the heating system job and also the costs.

Well, some researchers found how you can create warmth and have no bills. It is all about geothermal heating systems which can supply heat for a room or an entire house.

You should know that this system is functioning thanks to the Earth which stores heat under its surface. This heat is close to the value of 50-70 Fahrenheit degrees and is renewable, so you will not have to worry about it. Being a natural source, it will never end, and you will never need to use electricity or heating units. This system is function thanks to three important parts including a loop system, a heat pump and a furnace. The first piece refers to “closed loops” which are placed under the building or house and consist of a system of tubes filled with refrigerant liquids which will absorb warmth by traveling down to the natural source.

The heat pump is the second piece of the system and its role is to extract heat from the earth and transfers it to the pipes. Because of this fact, this piece is considered the most important piece of the entire system. The distribution system is the last piece which completes the system. The liquid is distributed through the pipes to the distribution systems which will assure the heat needed into the cold season. This system uses a cycle because water needs to be heated continuously. So, into the cold system, your pipes will function without any stop.

Another good point for the system is that it can function in reverse into the summer when you will probably need to cool down your rooms. The pipes will absorb the heat from the house and will divert it to the earth thanks to the water. In this way you will reduce the usage of electric fans and other ventilation systems and your bills will be lower. These systems are very popular because of this fact. They are reducing the entire costs with 70% and they will assure a better efficiency into the sold season.

On the other hand, you should know that it will be an expensive system to install as a loop system and heat pump will cost about $2500 and the entire system $4000. It is expensive for a moment but it will reduce the costs and the effort will worth. Also, these systems have a lifespan of 20-30 years and they don’t need periodic maintenance.

In conclusion, we must tell you that this kind of systems is very efficient as they use natural sources to heat a building and they reduce the costs of your energy bills. They are safe and clean and they are functioning very well in all climates.

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