Basic information about radiators

Convection and radiation represent the two methods to choose from if you want to buy a heat-emitting system. Thermal energy transmitted by electromagnetic rays represents the radiation which warms an object using heat waves. Btu per hour expresses the output of the heat-emitting units.

Units depend on few things like the type of heating system, the cost, the required capacity and the application. You should know that all models have almost the same advantages and disadvantages and you should consider them before choosing to buy a new system. The best choices would be convectors, radiators, baseboards heaters, unit heaters and recessed heaters.

In this article we will analyze radiators and we should start by telling that they represent units which transmit a portion of heat by radiation and convection. Radiation will transmit a half of the heat produced by an exposed radiator using radiations. The conductions assure the balance of the emission to the air being in contact with the heating surface. This type of radiators is manufactured in column and tubular models. While column and large tube radiators have been discontinued, small tube radiators represent the new generation.

Nowadays, radiators and hot water heating systems used are designed to have nipples which are located on the upper and lower sections of each radiator piece. Old systems used nipples only in the bottom section of the radiator because steam is light and rises quickly to the radiator pushing air ahead of it. The system uses a vent to distribute air into the room. This vent is located on top of the radiator. Nipples are used on both ends of the radiators to improve the water circulation and the efficiency.

Also, wall and window radiators are efficient systems, manufactured for specific applications. Models which are hanged on the wall are manufactured for areas where the floor must be regularly cleaned or must be occupied with other purposes. They consist of one or more sections placed below a window which will assure a great way to make cold drafts no more present and also to create the warm needed into the room.

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