Can baseboards be a safe place?

As they don’t need to be vented, baseboard heaters are much easier and convenient to install than furnaces or wood stoves. They represent a cheap solution to buy, but an expensive one if we consider the process of installation. The most important thing to consider when you want to purchase this type of system is to think about its safety.

First thing to consider is that baseboard can start fires very easy. So you will need to keep inflammable objects away from them. Also, you will need to consider the length of your curtains as they should be at least one foot away from the baseboard as well as upholstered furniture. So, in conclusion, you will need to keep any object away from the baseboards if you want to prevent fires.

Another thing to consider is the safety of your kids. They can cause serious injuries to the hands of your kids as they will touch the hot surfaces inside the baseboards. Also, kids can start fires when they play with objects that can be let near the baseboards. Some baseboards can use guard as accessories to fit over the holes and prevent children from injuries. Another fact to consider is the baseboards placed in the kitchen or bathroom. You will need to be aware of electricity shocks if a large amount of water contacts the heater. Also, you will face a electrical short which can cause a fire.

Another issue to think about is the electromagnetic field created by the baseboards. You will possibly suffer from headaches, dizziness or in some cases depression because of the electromagnetic fields. If you are extremely sensitive, you will need to forget the idea of installing baseboards.

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