How domestic central heating systems work

Cold winters make anyone wish they had a good home heating system that is also cost effective and environmental friendly.

The main heating systems are steam, hot water and forced hot air.

Steam Heating

This system uses a heater to boil water that produces steam which is afterwards transferred through pipes into radiators placed around the house.

The radiators then warm up the air in the room, yet not very efficiently.

Hot Water System

For this system a boiler that works with fuel such as gas or oil heats up the water which is then transferred around the house inside radiators or baseboards. You can save up a lot of energy by adding a thermostat to the radiators to control the temperature in every room individually.

Hot Air System

The house has a duct system through which hot air is forced by a special heater from the furnace and into the rooms. This system also works with air conditioning making it very useful during summer as well.

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