How to Close a Propane Tank

Propane is a gas with more BTUs than natural gas which makes it a better choice for barbeques, mobile homes, trailers, camping stoves and others, because it burn much hotter. With propane you might face the problem of running out of fuel, in which case you will need a spare tank. To avoid any hazards you need to change the tank properly.

You must assure that no gas escapes at the moment you disconnect the tank. In order to properly close the tank you need to follow some steps:

  1. Locate the valve on top of the tank and rotate it clockwise.
  2. Once the valve reaches the closed spot, press firmly on a counterclockwise direction on it to properly seal the tank.
  3. Turn the appliance hose connector counterclockwise which will make it loose so you can finally remove it.
  4. Seal the appliance connection point with the plastic cap fastened to the valve. This way no damage will be applied to the connection during transportation.
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