How to make your electric baseboards safe

Electric baseboards represent a very good way to heat your house. Cold winter days can be transformed in spring lovely days using baseboards as a heating system. They are generally safe, but you will need to take care if you have kids or pets.

They can suffer serious injuries or they can start a fire.

A very important thing to consider is the safety of your kids. They can cause serious injuries to the hands of your kids as they will touch the hot surfaces inside the baseboards. Also, kids can start fires when they play with objects that can be let near the baseboards. Some baseboards can use guard as accessories to fit over the holes and prevent children from injuries. It is very important to arrange your furniture in a way that will assure safety for your kids and pets and safety to the furniture itself.

As any heat source, baseboard can start fires, so you will need to pay attention with flammable objects. You will need to keep them at a reasonable distance from the baseboard if you want to be safe. Also, you will need to prevent your kids to leave toys far away from the baseboards. Also take care not to leave any rugs or fabric objects near the baseboards and assure that your blinds will not fall into a baseboard. It is very important to clean your baseboard regularly. Fires can be also started by dust and hair. However, if you have a problem with your baseboards it is recommended to call a professional.

Avoid installing baseboard heaters below electrical outlets and ensure that they are at least two centimeters away from the floor. Also, a very important thing is represented by the placement of your furniture. So, you will need to leave enough space between your furniture and baseboard to prevent a fire and also, to assure a good working for your heating system. The distance recommended between baseboards and any furniture piece is about 6 inches.

A very good way to prevent any burn is to install baseboards covers. They will also become hot, but they will be less hot that the principle pieces placed inside the baseboard. They will assure against any toy or small object which can fall inside and cause a fire. On the other hand, fire could still start if an object is placed on the cover.

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