Information about setting a propane tank

Today’s use of propane gas moves around cooking, heating or lightening. The propane is kept inside metal containers marked with white paint. Even though propane is a odorless hydrocarbon there is the danger that when it leaks you won’t smell it, so to avoid any tragedies, an odor is added to the gas so you can detect any leaks.

If you decide to install a propane tank to a gas grill, you have to follow some simple steps in order to avoid any damages that may occur later.

First make sure you turn off all the knobs on the burners of the grill. Put the propane tank and the grill together on a flat surface. Out of the gas grill there is a black hose with a spigot. Connect that with the threaded hole on top of the propane gas tank. Make sure you tighten the nut at its maximum.

Turn on the gas on the propane tank to test the attachment. Put the knob in position “on” and set the far right knob on the gas grill on “high”. Check if the air around the gas grill and gas tank smells odd, to know if there is a gas flow between the gas tank and grill.

Ignite the grill and listen to the sound of the flame igniting, while turning the burners on high and then back to middle position, to make sure that the flame burns properly. The gas grill is now ready to cook on.

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