Instructions for changing a valve for a 100 Pound Propane Tank

A propane tank is a reservoir that stores propane for a variety of uses and it is manufactured in different sizes. Common tanks are manufactured in sizes between 5 and 100 pounds. The largest size of 100 pounds is manufactured for motor houses and trailers.
These tanks have a valve on top of them which contains another valve. This last valve is created to release pressure and it must be changed in case of bad functioning. Here are some easy steps if you want to do that:

First, you will have to remove the tank from the motor or trailer and keep it safe from sparks and flames. You will also need to release the propane from the tank by opening the valve. Now, you can remove the old valve and you will start by securing the tank until it stays safely in place. You will need to use the heat gun as you will need to remove the liquid weld around the threads of the valve. You will remove the valve by unscrewing it and if it’s necessary, you will use a wrench and a leverage rod.

Now, you will need to assure that you remove any Teflon remained on the neck of the tank or inside it. You will use a towel or an abrasive pad to do that and you will also need to pour 2-3 ounces of methanol alcohol into the tank to get away from moisture. Now, you will need to apply Teflon tape on the threading of the new valve and you will start from the top of it. You will hold the open end of the tape using your thumb. You will apply the Teflon circularly on the threading until you reach the bottom of it and no threading is visible.

Now, you will need to insert the new piece into the tank and be careful not to cross over threading. You will turn the valve in a clockwise until it is firmly seated into the tank and you will use a propane valve wrench to finish tightening. Now, you can test the tank before you fill it.

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