Instructions for installing a radiant floor heating system

Warmed ceramic tile or a marble floor represent almost in all cases the best solution for a bathroom or for a kitchen. The comfort is raised to a high standard and the energy costs are low. The radiant floor heating system can be installed if you lay a tile floor and I assure you that your body will be pleased.

First, you will need to decide what type of thermostat and system you need to use. You can choose the mat-type or cable type radiant heating system. So, it is recommended to search on the internet information about these systems. You will discover that are just a few brands to produce it and you will need to enter their websites to see videos of the process of installation and other information. Then, you can go to your local store and ask more about available products. The mat-box model will certainly fit well in your bathroom but if you want to heat a larger area, the best choice is probably the cable type.

Before starting the installation, it is recommended to ask manufacturers advice and also other persons who work in this domain. Also, it is very important to perform the electrical part being helped by a professional. This can be expensive but it worth the effort.

Now, you will start by measuring the area where you will install the system. If you install it in a bathroom, make sure that you don’t measure the space under the shower, cabinets or toilet. Make sure that you proceed only after you read the manufacturers specifications. This is the best way to reduce the costs and make your job easier. Make sure that you fix the temperature for the seasons after you installed the system.

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