Instructions for installing a radiant floor heating system in a garage

The concrete floor can be warmed by a radiant floor heating system even if this floor is the floor of a garage. The entire garage will be well warmed by this system which will use a tubing carrying hot water. If you are an advanced do-it yourself and you have skills in plumbing and cement work, you will probably complete this project quickly by following the easy steps below.

First, you will have to create the zone where your system will be placed. So , you will need to excavate the area to at least 8 inches deeper that the place where the floor will be placed.

Then, you will have to place a 2 inch thick layer of sand. You will need to level and pack it using a vibrating plate tamper. This job will be complete when you will not let any footprint on the sand by stepping on it. Now, you will need to install 2 inch rigid foam insulation on top of the sand. You will also need to butt the edges of the foam together and tape them with the duct tape. Now, you will need to place the reinforcing rods on the foam using saddles or supports to hold them above the foam insulation.

Now, you will place on top of the reinforcing rods the hoses for the heating system. The hoses will be supported by the rods near the surface of the concrete floor. The manifolds that will connect to the boiler will attach the hoses. You will need to connect the hoses to a manifold or to a set of valves that control the flow of water. You will need to place the boiler depending on the fuel used and source. It is recommended to ask a professional before you choose the boiler and place it into the garage.

Now, you will need to check the hoses and repair any possible leaks. You will repair the problems easier now than after you pour the layer of concrete. After that, you can pour the concrete and level it using a straight board. If you want a smooth finish, you will need to trowel the cement.

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