Instructions for replacing gas lines on MTD Two-Cycle Garden Tillers

The way which carries the fuel to the tank for a MTD two-cycle garden tiller is called the gas lines. The fuel is absorbed to the carburetor by the crankshaft which is pulsing. If you have problems with the engine which is shutting down regularly, you will probably need to change the gas lines.

They are probably broken, gummed up or cracked.

You will start the process by switching the ignition off and assuring that you unhooked the plug wire. You will need to remove the gas cap and lift the tiller to assure that remaining fuel is draining into the fuel container. Then, you will have to unscrew the air filter box, remove it and close the choke lever. Also, you will need to remove the choke cover plate by unscrewing the screws and remove the choke cable arm from the carburetor.

Then you will have to pull out the fuel filter which is attached to the main gas line after you unhooked toe fuel hoses from the connectors. After that, you will need to remove the fuel filter from the gas line and pull the fuel line out of the tiller. Then, you will have to cut a fuel section which must be approximately 8 to 10 inches and press the fuel hose through the hole to reach the main fuel line placed near the carburetor. You will push the line into the tank and pull it towards the tank opening after you reached the interior of the tank with the metal hook and pliers. Then, you will have to fit the nozzle end of your new piece into the main gas line and press them both to the bottom of the tank. If it’s necessary, you can get away the second hose out from the engine though the carburetor.

After that, you will cut the second piece of tubing which will fit for the purge hose line. You will press the fuel hose into the engine using the hole placed near the carburetor and press it until the piece will be into the tank. Then, you will simply have to reconnect the hoses to the connectors and reinstall the pieces back.

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