Know what the orange light that burns on the furnace pilot light means

The pilot light has the purpose to show if the gas is burned properly by the burner. To know that the pilot light is burning gas properly it has to have a color that is 90 percent blue but with some yellow on its tip. If the color of the flame turns yellow or orange it means you have to check for problems.

The main burner in a natural gas or propane furnace is ignited using a small flame that burns continuously inside. This is the pilot light. This flame is a combination of fuel and air, the same fuel used in the main burner.

The color changes when the ratio air/fuel starts to differ. This means the fuel doesn’t burn how it should be and the emissions from that flame are higher than normal.

Incomplete combustion of fuel may lead to a buildup of black soot on the surrounding of the pilot light and this may indicate problems as well. The pilot light must be adjusted and for this you can call a professional. You can also check the function of the main burner because the problem with the air/combustion mixture being wrong can extend to the main burner as well. To complete the maintenance you can clean the soot and creosote that was formed in the combustion chamber and chimney.

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