Learn to close your home gas line

In times when you will be gone for a longer period, such as a vacation, you will need to close the gas line from your house, as a safety precaution. You may find out that knowing how to close the gas line can be a life saving information. The most commonly fuels used are propane and natural gas prom public utility.

There is a slight difference between closing the line on each fuel type.

Locate the gas line that enters the house from the outside, probably back of the house. Normally you will find a meter and a cut-off valve installed at the spot where the main line enters the house. Another location for a valve can be the ground floor or basement.

Use an adjustable wrench on the valve control. That can be either a lever in case of a natural gas line or a corrugated knob in case of propane. The lever must be rotated clockwise to a 90 degree angle until it is completely turned off and the knob must be turned at its maximum possible level.

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