Learn to create your own hot water floor heating system

Heating homes using hot water floor heating systems is a cheaper and more environmental friendly option. Using a radiant heating system the heat will be distributed more even, the energy consumption will be lower and the air will be clean of allergens. This system uses heated water to produce heat so it is a more economical choice in the long run.

Also it is more beneficial for the environment.

Make a floor plan of the entire building including every floor and all stories. Also include the garage or deposit or any other exterior building you own. In this plan you should include the location of the water heater to make it easier to decide where the pipes will go to. Include the walls too.

Cover the entire area where people will walk with a grid-type pattern on your plan. Depending on the materials that transfer the heat the area between pipes differs. Normally a distance of 1 foot between pipes is necessary.

There are more types of radiant heating systems you can use, so decide on one. Choose from one that can be buried in cement or maybe one that is wrapped in insulation.

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