Learn to de-scale a central heating boiler

The scale that forms inside the heating system because of the minerals from the water build-up needs to be removed so that the system can work efficiently.

1. Turn off anything that powers the central boiler.

Cut off the automatic feed from the water line as well.

2. Connect the boiler drain opening to a drain hose and connect another hose to the boiler return drain. Place the ends of the hoses into a bucket or outside.

3. Drain all the water from the heating boiler out by releasing the knobs above each drain. When the water has stopped pouring, turn the knobs clockwise to close the drains.

4. Refill the boiler until it reaches half level.

5. Pour a mixture of radiator scale cleaner inside the boiler through the feed valve.

6. Release the solution through the pipes by turning on the system. Wait around 30 minutes.

7. Open the feed valve again to leave more water to enter the boiler until it reaches the top.

8. Leave the solution in the system for another 48 hours.

9. After that, repeat the draining procedure again to remove all the scale cleaner from the system. After that, fill the boiler with water and repeat the procedure once more to make sure all the dirt is removed from the system.

10. The system is ready to be used.

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