Learn to install hydronic radiant floor heating systems

The hydronic radiant flooring heating system consists of a boiler that heats water and tubing installed under the floor that carries this hot water. Before deciding to install such a system you must assure that the floor of your house can withstand the additional weight brought by the system.

If you decide to install the system in a house that will have concrete slab flooring you must install the tubing on a wire mesh that is securely placed so that it doesn’t move when the concrete is poured.

Between the ground and tubes you must place a plastic barrier. The boiler connects with the tubes and the tubes are hooked to the pumping mechanism.

If you decide to install the system with sub flooring there are other steps to follow. While the tubes still connect with the boiler and so on, there is a difference in the installation of the tubes. There are a few ways to do it.

The first way consists in installing an aluminum plate under the sub floor that will spread the heat throughout the entire surface of the floor. The tubing is installed to the underside of the sub floor.

The second way is to pour some concrete over the top of the sub floor after you install the tubes to its top. The concrete layer should be 1 ½ inch thick.

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