Learn to set up a central heating system

1. Look at the plans of the house and notify where you want to run the ducts. First of all you will need to identify if the house has a cellar, an attic or both.

On this information it depends if you place the vent openings in the floor or ceiling or both. After you cut the vent openings you have to install the metal duct openings. To make the openings in the ceiling use the drywall saw and for the floor use the wooden saw.

2. Install the furnace and air handler by the correct instructions in the place you decided upon. Direct the ducting from the furnace to the furthest opening. Add to each duct opening a Y-pipe. You can have two openings in rooms close to each other by adding a second Y-pipe. The hard ducting should be installed at 3 feet from the duct opening and connected to flexible ducting. Install this at each duct opening.

3. Install 3 self tapping screws around the ducting connections to secure them. Add sealing putty on each connection and screw location.

4. Decide where you want to install the thermostat and then bring the 20-gauge twisted pair from the furnace unit to it. Follow the instructions given to connect the wires at the ends.

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