Learn to switch the hot water tank from natural gas to propane

A hot water tank is created in such a way that it can work using propane and natural gas as well. The water heater has components especially designed to handle the different chemical and physical properties of these gases. You have to very careful when using appliances that function with gases because they are a big safety hazard.

An explosion can easily be triggered and that can result in great injuries. Try to do this change by yourself only if you have enough plumbing experience and if you have all the necessary tools. It is always easy to cal a professional.

First buy the conversion kit that fits you hot water tank’s model. On the base of the water heater unit there is a cover plate. Remove it. Remove the metal hoses and the two burners that are connected to the pilot light and main burner. Fill then ends of the empty tubes with the correct sized nuts and then replace the tubing in the pilot light and main burner with the ones for propane.

You will need to install a regulator to the propane tank. Whether it is one that can be twisted by hand or one that can be twisted with a wrench, it all depends on the style of the style of the propane tank.

Change the old gas valves with propane valves by unscrewing them.

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