Learn to upgrade an old home with radiant floor heating

When dealing with old homes, it is best to install the floor heating system once a floor needs replacement. Floor heating is an additional heating, method that will increase the comfort of your livening. Still this will only supplement the existing heating system.

Under the floor there are heated cables that radiate heat in the floor making it more comfortable to step on it in cold times. The new heating system is installed on the sub floor, so removing the floor is necessary to install the heating system.

The electric radiant heat system needs a GFCI circuit that must be installed by a professional electrician. Set the mesh and wiring from the radiant heat system above your sub floor.

Cut the mesh in order to match your floor’s dimensions. Be careful not to cut the wires. Use a staple gun to attach the mesh to the sub floor securely. Use cement to cover the mesh, apply it in the proper layer said in the directions of the system.

Ask the electrician to wire the system to electricity. Test to see if the system works, and if it does, you are now ready to install the new floor.

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