Let’s describe electric fireplaces

Traditional wood burning fireplaces are being replaced by the new electric ones. Because they have a great ability of imitating their predecessors you can even see one and not realize it’s electric.

Let’s understand how electric fireplaces produce heat and how they spread it using the two different methods, convection and radiation heat transfer.

First electric fireplaces that use convective heat transfer are using metal coils that are heated because of electrical energy that passes through them. A fan blows air through these coils and the air gets warmed by them. Another type of fireplace is the one that uses radiation heat transfer with quartz bulbs. In the interior of the quartz bulb there is a filament that gets heated by the electricity running through it and then the thermal energy produced inside heats the room.

The difference between a space heater and an electric fireplace is its ability to imitate the actual fire. This can be done by simply producing a glow with the use of some light sources and some red and orange areas, or by imitating real flames.

Being a mixture between modern technology and tradition the use of electric fireplaces is more and more a great alternative to old fireplaces. The installation is simple and the comfort they offer is also great. Everyone should benefit from electric fireplaces.

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