Repair the central heater yourself

Systems based on central heating produce heat with a central furnace and then transport it around the house through pipes and inside radiators that heat up the rooms. Problems are not to be forgotten with this kind of system, still, there are do-it-yourself processes that can guide you to fixing the air and heat leakages.


Inspect the radiator and identify the bleeding valve at the top edge. You should locate the compressible spring inside of it.

2. First, before inserting the radiator key into the valve put a towel below it. This way you will absorb the water that falls.

3. Rotate the radiator key left to release the valve. You should hear a sound made by the air that is coming out of the radiator.

4. You must close the valve as soon as water starts to pour out of the radiator. After that, use a towel to dry the valve.

5. Bleed all the radiators in the system using the same process to eliminate all the trapped air.

6. To stop the leakages in the system tighten the connections between all pipes and check the whole system track.

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