The cost of a gas central heating system

Opposite to stand alone heaters, central heating systems help heating the entire surface of a building equally. Besides gas, there are also systems that use oil or electrical current. Depending on the size of the building you want to heat the cost of the heating system varies.

You will need extra pressure from the central heating system to warm attics and basements. These two rooms are the ways through which cold air reaches other rooms despite their heating. Not even insulation will eliminate the extra cost brought by the attic and basement.


If the house already has a duct work system previously installed and with a surface of 2300 square feet, installing a central heating system that burns gas will cost between 1700$ to 4000$. Whitout the duct work already installed the costs can go up to 14 000 $.

In 2008 according to a study, the average costs when using oil for heating exceeded 7.86$ per million BTUs. Natural Gas costs could average $8.25 per million BTUs, propane $10.65 and electric resistance heat averaged $24.77.

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